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Are you Curious about Escorting?

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Few men or women have not wondered why someone decides to become an escort, why beautiful young women who look so desirable spurn regular relationships in favour of the escorting lifestyle. So why do women from all walks of life either throw in the towel when they have a well-paid job, even in one the professions to become escorts; or moonlight in the evenings and weekends leading a double life?

Curiosity is the thing for some

Many of the escorts at this select escorts agency have made this career move because they are intrigued by sexual curiosity , they have their own desires that are not met by boyfriends, perhaps of their own age group, who are not satisfying these girls adventurous inclinations. They accept their own sexuality, their higher sensual drive than some others and find that the only way to gain the satisfaction that they seek is by taking on the total physical immersion of becoming an escort. They are hot. They are uninhibited. They are a little wild. They are happy finding a career that accepts who they are and the clients that adore them for their honesty and self understanding of their own sexual motivation. This of course is why so many escorts prefer the slightly older and more experienced man.

The Financial Incentive

Money is the driver for many and finding a quality escorts agency that promotes their services and introduces these escorts to respectful clients as well as paying them fairly, opens the door to entering the escort life. This is why we find that NHS workers also become escorts, because as well respected as some professions are, they are also poorly paid. So for the escort who shows you such TLC and an incomparable bedside manner, you may silently ask yourself what she did, or does, as a day job! In fact escorts, either male and female, find that the lifestyle including the excellent income, fits their life goals perfectly.

Which comes first?

Leeds escorts have widely differing backgrounds and reasons for taking up escorting as an alternative job, generally speaking it is a question of a combination of income and inclination. One thing is certain, when you book one of the elite escorts promoted here, you will find that the classy, passionate companion you have chosen, has her priorities in the right order. Sensuality and her desire to please come first!! It’s innate in her nature.

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